Getting started with Cobot

Book Your Personal Demo Session

The personal demo session is a video call where a Customer Support Manager will walk you through our main features to help you manage your space.

The duration of the session is between 30-45 minutes. The benefits of a demo call include:

  • Product Walkthrough
  • Learn how to create plans, set up resources, and more
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Q&A with a Customer Support Specialist

Our support team is located in
Berlin, Germany (09:45 PM) & Denver, USA (01:45 PM).

If you’d prefer a non-personal demo, please register for your free trial here. You can take a look around the app and explore Cobot’s features at your own pace.

Our free trial is the ideal way to get a feel for Cobot, giving you full access to all features for free, without any obligation to sign up to a paid subscription afterwards.