Cobot To Slack Zapier Integration

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Using Zapier to broadcast Cobot actions in Slack is one of the most requested integrations. It makes sense, so we have created this guide to help you set up relevant messaging between Cobot and Slack.

We have two pre-made shared integrations for you to get started with. Just set up your Zapier account, then click the links below to have some of your work done for you.

Send Cobot bookings to Slack

Send Slack message when Cobot member is confirmed

The first few steps of the integration are self-explanatory, ie. connecting your accounts through Zapier.

But the last step is key: this is where you can customize what gets displayed in your channel, using the unique tone and style of your space. We have a standard pre-set text that covers the basics, but you can style it however you would like. This is another chance for you to market your uniqueness to the community.

If you click on the advanced options, you can also adjust other settings for how your message comes through, like the bot name, emoji style, link URLs, or an @call to the channel.

Here are a few helpful hints:

  1. We made our general chat the coworkers' chat and added private channels for staff where notifications for the rest of our apps can go.
  2. You can make additional channels for specialty groups in your space (lunch meetup, programmers' discussion, marketing, jobs).
  3. You can then set your Zapier integrations into specific channels for it posts to and add other items like Stripe, Wunderlist, Google, etc.
  4. You can also change the amount of information: for example, the #general channel can get a basic new member message and the #space-managers channel can get the details of their plan, start date, and a to-do checklist from Trello.

If you come up with some unique uses of Slack with Cobot, reach out to so we can share!

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