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Using our Radius integration, your members can log in to your wifi/network using their Cobot credentials. This lets you control who gets internet access, automatically uses up time passes of part time/drop-in members, and provides you with valuable insights regarding the usage of your coworking space.

We provide a RADIUS server which your (wifi) router must be able to communicate with. There are two ways of setting this up. Which one you can use depends on the capabilities of your network devices.

A captive portal is a login form shown in the browser. Your wifi is secured just as before (probably with a shared password).

  • The form can be customized, i.e. add information for new members, your logo/colors.
  • You can give people access to certain pages even if they don't have an account yet or have run out of time passes (e.g. let them access Cobot so they can buy more).
  • Sometimes the form might not show up immediately. For example when you browse to a website that uses https, it will simply give you an error instead of showing the form - this is due to how captive portals are implemented and cannot be changed.

WPA2 Enterprice replaces the shared wifi password you had before. Instead of seeing a dialog asking them for the wifi password, people are presented a similar dialog asking them for a login and password, which is when they have to enter their Cobot credentails.

  • Works reliably, the form will always be there.
  • People without an account or who ran out of time passes can't get on the wifi to buy more passes. They would have to use their phone or you need to provide them with a tablet or similar device.
  • The form cannot be customized.
  • Some people (depending on their operating system and version) will see a security warning when entering the wifi for the first time. On newer systems, the warning can be skipped. On older Windows versions it can't. Instead, people have to install a wifi profile, which you can generate here.

Please check your router's manual, and if you are unsure consult a network specialist. The following vendors are know to provide routers and software that can be used with our RADIUS offering.

To set up Radius, go to Setup » Wifi Integration in your Cobot account and sign up for the 30 day free trial. This will give you access to your Radius server credentials.

Our integration supports the following RADIUS protocols:

The following auth protcols are supported:

  • PAP
  • MSCHAPv2

This highly depends on your router, so please check your manual. If you are unsure what to do, please consult a network specialist!

In general, you have to activate the router's captive portal feature or enable WPA2 Enterprise and configure it to authenticate against the RADIUS server(s) provided by Cobot.

If your router does not support changing the RADIUS port, the authentication can also be done on the default port (9112) if you send the actual port using a RADIUS attribute "NAS-ID (NAS-Identifier)". If that doesn't work either, contact us and we can run an extra server for you using the default port (at an additional cost).

After that, your members should see a login page when they try to access the internet. After entering their Cobot email and password, they will get access.

This only applies to spaces using a captive portal.

To allow your users to use important websites without logging in (e.g. to sign up for Cobot and enter payment information from within your space), you should whitelist the following domains in your router:

  • [your Cobot domain] (which looks like [yourspace]
  • your custom Cobot domain if you have one set up, for example members.[]

If you want members that haven't logged in to the captive portal to use any of our add-ons, you will have to whitelist additional domains. Please contact us for details.

Set up guest accounts if need be.

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