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Member Overview

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You have access to all information collected about your coworkers under Manage » Members. There are 4 main member lists:

  • RECENTLY ACTIVE: This lists all members active in your space within the last 30 days.
  • CURRENT: This lists all current, active members of your space.
  • CANCELED: This lists all the members you have canceled
  • UNCONFIRMED: This lists members that are pending your approval. This is only applicable if you marked the plan 'New members have to be approved' within the plan settings

The search field at the top right of the page allows you to filter your members by name, plan, status, etc. The search will only return results specific to the list you have active.

The 'Send Message to List' button allows you to draft an email to all members in the list you have activated. You can also filter the list to send an email to a specific group of members. For example, everyone within the active list on a certain membership type, or all members with a certain payment method.

When you click on a members’s name, you will be directed to their specific profile page with an overview of their details.

This page allows you to change a coworker’s plan, assign and track time passes, view attendance, view invoices, cancel or delete their membership, and much more.

Each member also has a unique activity feed on the right hand side of the page which will allow you to track what happens and when. You can add a note and choose to make it a 'sticky note' so that it stays at the top of the page. Scroll down and click on 'More' to see the full activity feed for that member.

Adding new members

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