Cobot's Slack Integration

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Cobot's Slack chat add-on connects your space’s Cobot account with your (paid) account. This means that new members who are added through Cobot will automatically be invited to join your Slack channel, so you don't have to add them manually.


  • Cancelling a member from your Cobot account will not automatically remove access to your Slack channel, you will need to do this manually from Slack.
  • Automatically adding your Cobot members to your Slack group requires an Enterprise Plan from Slack.

  1. Go to the Slack chat add-on.
  2. Select your space (if you have multiple spaces registered in Cobot).
  3. Input your Slack team token from the following link:
  4. When you click on the '' link, you will see a notice from Slack that using legacy tokens is not recommended. Please follow the steps outlined anyway as we do not yet support their new system.
  5. Put in the Slack team URL from your space.
  6. Select the Invite Existing Members checkbox if you want to also bring in existing members.
  7. Add your team.

Now all new (and existing) members will automatically be invited to join your Slack channel!

If you don't have Slack Enterprise, you can still automate your members joining your Slack team.

We recommend that you:

  1. Generate an invite link in Slack
  2. Add this invite link to your Cobot welcome message or Cobot membership confirmation email

When members signup, they should be able to click the link in the email to register with your Slack.

We highly recommend using our MailChimp integration for email communication with your members.

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