Can I Use Cobot As A CRM?

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Potential members, suppliers, friends… Do you want to manage all your coworking community contacts in one place? Cobot can help with that.

Tracking Leads Within Cobot

  1. Create a new plan, with a zero monthly fee and no hours of use of the space included, and call it 'contacts' or 'leads.'
  2. Create members with custom fields to track all the information you need. You can do this in Setup » Custom fields.
  3. You can send your leads targeted MailChimp emails using this guide.

What about my member total? We calculate your Cobot members only as members that pay a recurring monthly fee. These contacts won’t cost you a thing (and neither will your drop-ins or clients that only book resources).

You can add your contacts individually or send us a database to have all contacts automatically added to your Cobot space. When they are ready to be converted to a customer - just change their plan.

Using Zapier To Connect Cobot With An External CRM

You can also have all of these contacts feed directly into a traditional CRM software (Salesforce, Capsule, Hubspot, Highrise and Base) by using our integration with Zapier.com.

  1. Setup an integration with Zapier and the CRM of your choice so that new Cobot members are automatically added to your CRM.
  2. Use their plan type as your customer "tag" in the CRM (We will be releasing pre-made integration suggestions in the next couple weeks to help get started more quickly).
  3. Now like above – create a new plan, with a zero monthly fee and no hours of use of the space included, and call it 'contacts' or 'leads.'
  4. Create a new member and watch them auto-populate into your CRM where you can set up follow-ups or other actions.

Using Zapier To Include My CRM Of Choice

Take a look here for an up-to-date list of all available CRMs on Zapier.

Here are some sample integrations to get you started:

Add new Cobot members as Salesforce leads

Use this Zap

Add new Cobot members to Google Contacts

Use this Zap

Update Salesforce contact when Cobot member is cancelled

Use this Zap

Add confirmed Cobot members to HubSpot CRM

Use this Zap

See more Cobot integrations powered by

Does Cobot Have an Internal CRM?

We let the CRM experts do what they do best, creating powerful and intuitive CRM tools. That way we can concentrate on what we do best: giving you the best space management experience. Together, it means that Cobot users get the best of both worlds.

Small spaces just starting out, looking for an affordable CRM tool are recommended to use Hubspot CRM, which is free and integrates with Zapier!


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