Can I Embed The Booking Calendar On My Website?

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While we don't allow you to embed your booking calendar on your website directly from Cobot, you can use Google Calendar to display it on your site.

  1. Set up a Google Calendar.
  2. In your Google calendar, setup a calendar for each resource you want to sync.
  3. Set up the Google calendar sync for Cobot.
  4. Here you can link each of your Cobot calendars to a Google Calendar.
  5. Now you can embed your Google Calendar on your website.

A few notes:

  • Members will not be able to make a booking through the newly embedded Google Calendar - they'll still need to be logged in to your Cobot space account.
  • The sync works both ways between the applications, but syncing times can vary because of Google's servers.
  • Cobot doesn't currently support recurring bookings, so if a recurring booking is made in the Google calendar, only the first booking will appear in Cobot. If you have a recurring booking to make, we can help - just email us at support@cobot.me!


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